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What if you could become a stable resonating instrument, where your singing was suddenly easy and accurate creating a clear, clean tone?

What would life be like if you had total control and complete artistry at your fingertips?

Have you wondered why certain parts of your voice collapse suddenly or don't want to work very well? Do you find yourself challenged by your breathing or feeling fatigued after singing for a short while? Do you ever hear yourself say, that note is too high or too low?

Debra's book, "The Bel Canto Buzz: Beautiful singing made simple!" shares 20 years of experience as a professional singer and voice teacher in a fun and effective way.

Debra Lynn has been called a "master vocal diagnostician and mechanic for the voice" by Brent Graham, SAI Master Director; BHS Past-Judge; 3-Time LOL District Champion; Musical Arranger and Coach.

Her articles in the Nov/Dec 2010 and Jan/Feb 2011 Harmonizer Magazine, "Sing Like An Italian" brought the dovetail between this remarkable fundamental Italian understanding and heightened results in the Men's and Women's Barbershop world.

Debra has a vision for updating how we look at singing in America. Understanding the challenges we face when we sing and how to get control of the English language, she instructs with levity, laughter and loads of compassion.

As an example, to hear a Men's chorus who have found this work to be beneficial to their competition and performance goals, check out the effortless control and freedom of sound by Soundworks Chorus on the "links" page, where you can listen to tracks from their latest CD!

What others have to say about this work:

"I recently had the chance to listen to both the SAI Chorus, Millennium Magic. What impressed me most about (the) performance was the high level of intonation and the consistency of vocal production...Each voice had consistent and stable vocal production which provided a very tight unit sound, with no particular part out of balance. It was a great example of what can be achieved using the techniques that Debra teaches." ~Ed Fritzen, NED VP of Music & Performance, BHS Singing Judge (retired)

"Debra brings a new light to the perspective of vocal alignment. Both our 80 man chorus and my quartet have experienced remarkable leaps in having a better handle on our voices and being able to get a much cleaner and "ringy" sound than ever before. Anyone who desires to "just sing better" should treat themselves to Debra Lynn's approach to singing with freedom of tension and clear tones. If you don't like it, I will give you your money back!" ~Denis LaFlamme, Capital City Chorus (Director), Toronto Northern Lights (Lead, 2013 International Chorus Champion),Quantum Quartet (Lead, 2013 ONT International reps)

"Being a salesman, I enjoy watching others communicate to groups. Debra was phenomenal in presenting Bel Canto techniques to our chorus. She first developed a rapport with the guys. She sat on a chair close to the chorus and asked about their vocal needs and problems, then related what she heard to what she was about to show them. She worked a series of vocal exercises explaining to both left-brain and right-brain people why these techniques work. She added levity or seriousness where appropriate. She focused on feeling the difference, as opposed to hearing, and concluded with a summary of her key points. I wish she lived closer, but thank goodness for Skype." Tom Schneider, Valleyaires, South Bend, Indiana

“Debra Lynn introduced me to the “Bel Canto Buzz”, and I was forced to look at my vocal technique in a different light. I used to sing with a darker and more weighted sound, but her training enlightened me on how to sing with a sound that is more tailored to barbershop and producing overtones. I have much less difficulty with intonation. Working with her truly changed the way I produce my tone, and I am certain that she has many more gifts to offer, for myself, and my quartet!” Kohl Kitzmiller, Baritone, Instant Classic, 16th ranked Int'l Men's BHS Quartet

"My secret weapon!...Thank you for giving me the chorus of my dreams!" ~Lindi Bortney, Director of Maiden Vermont

"This book is awesome! Positive, clear instructions that are easy to put into use immediately as you read each chapter. She has totally changed how I sing after 40 years of barbershop, classical groups and private lessons in high school. Everyone in our quartet has the book and uses her techniques every time we sing. (Getting coached in person and singing with her warm up CD is the frosting on the cake!!) She has made it so easy to sing now. Everyone who sings any kind of music needs to buy this book!! Keep the "whole world singing" with Debra Lynn!" ~Nancy N. on

"The Bel Canto Buzz has been truly enlightening for someone who has been taught so many ways to sing properly and yet constantly struggled with getting it just right!" ~Jeremey J.

"Our work with you has significantly changed our sound for the better - we all hear it, we are finding we have better breath support, and we're holding pitch on songs we've heretofore flatted pretty consistently. Amazing stuff." ~Rick Montgomery, Soundworks Chorus, Virginia

"I do the exercises daily. Wow! They have made using the mask feel relaxing, enjoyable and natural." ~Jerry Schmidt

"My (30min) lesson with you was the most practical and productive vocal instruction I have ever easily diagnose(d) some core production issues and then just as easily correct(ed) them. I feared that I had lost my "lead" range and am delighted that you showed me where I left it!" ~Matt Taylor