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Debra Lynn: Home

Welcome to Debra Lynn Music!

Are you looking for more singing ease? Better results and vocal health? Control of those tricky spots?

Bel canto can take you there!

Debra Lynn knows the frustrations and concerns singers have. Her own journey to becoming a professional was fraught with pitfalls and potholes. Learn why this world class vocal instructor is helping people all around the world attain their personal goals with bel canto understanding.

If you are an a cappella singer, bel canto will give you control, stability and effortless free in-tune sound.

Read The Bel Canto Buzz: Beautiful singing made simple! and starting with Debra's Vocal Alignment Warm-Ups. Then, down the road, add on the Vaccai exercises as a support.

You'll find these products on our Support Tools page. Sign up for our email and receive the helpful "Phlegm is Your Friend" video clip to help you manage that troublesome stuff! 

Online support available! It's easy through Zoom!