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Debra Lynn: Testimonials

Testimonials - October 27, 2016

"I have to tell you, since your workshop I've never experienced better singing!!" ~Eileen F.

"Your coaching was a huge milestone for us! I know we had other coaching along the way, but the techniques and skills you gave us, stayed with us the entire way." ~Theo H.

“Debra's training enlightened me on how to sing with a sound that is more tailored to producing overtones!” ~Kohl K.

"At one point in a song, I will sing the word "bell", but know that in my heart, I'm saying 'bel canto'." ~David Z.

"My lesson with you was the most practical and productive vocal instruction I have ever had." ~Matt T.

"Each voice had consistent and stable vocal production which provided a very tight unit sound." ~Ed F.

"She brings new light to the perspective of vocal alignment." ~Denis L.

"Debra is phenomenal in explaining to left-brain and right-brain people why these techniques work." Tom S.

"My secret weapon!...Thank you for giving me the chorus of my dreams!" ~Lindi B.

"This book is awesome! Positive, clear instructions that are easy to put into use immediately!! ~Nancy N.

"Truly enlightening for someone who has constantly struggled with getting it just right!" ~Jeremey J.

"Our work with Debra has significantly changed our chorus sound for the better." ~Rick M.

"I do the exercises daily. Wow! Singing feels relaxed, enjoyable and natural." ~Jerry S.

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